Won't Interfere In AP Capital Decision; Center Again Informs High Court

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PTI | Updated :September 10, 2020,18:41 IST

The Center has once again repeated that it would not meddle in settling the state capital for Andhra Pradesh. Documenting a testimony with this impact in the Andhra Pradesh High Court once again, the legislature of India has additionally completely expressed that there is legal arrangement in any enactment which specifies that a state ought to have just a single capital. 

It additionally tried to clear the misreading or tweaking of pertinent segments, expressing that the meaning of a state capital under area 13 doesn't mean its repression to just one spot. The Central government in its oath expressed that in 2018, the then Andhra Pradesh government has set up the high court in Amaravati. "By the simple presence of the high court in Amaravati, it can't be considered as the main capital. 

All the more critically, the Center unequivocally expressed in its testimony documented before the Andhra Pradesh High Court that the last bring in choosing the state capital rests exclusively with the state government. 

By chance, this isn't the first occasion when that the Union Home Ministry has documented an affirmation in the state high court on the three capitals issues. On August 6, under-secretary of Union home service Lalita T Hedaoo recorded a counter-affirmation in the AP High Court, expressing that the capital city of Andhra Pradesh is an issue for the state government to choose. The counter-affirmation explained that the Center would have no part in the finish of the state capital. 

The counter-affirmation was recorded for a situation between Potluri Srinivasa Rao, who appealed to the high court against the express government's proposition to make three capitals, and respondents the Union government other than others. The counter-testimony expressed that under segment 6 of AP Reorganization Act, 2014, the Center had comprised a specialist board on March 28, 2014, under the chairmanship of K C Sivaramakrishnan to read the options for another capital for Andhra Pradesh, the residuary condition of the past brought together Andhra Pradesh following its bifurcation and the production of a different Telangana state. 

The counter-affirmation expressed that the master panel presented its nitty gritty report on August 30, 2014, which was then alluded to the then Andhra Pradesh government two days after the fact, i.e., on September 1. "The capital city of a state is chosen by the particular state government. The focal government has no function in it," the counter-affirmation explained.