CM YS Jagan Reassures On Free Power As AP Cabinet Approves Agri Cash Transfer Scheme

Cm jagan
PTI | Updated :September 03, 2020,19:48 IST

Suppress the story in an area of the media, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on Thursday attested that the free power being given to the ranchers in the state will stay free everlastingly and that not so much as a solitary force association will be disengaged. He clarified that there won't be any weight on the ranchers because of the changes being started by the legislature. 

The central priest concocted these unmitigated attestations during a gathering of the state bureau held here on Thursday. Altogether, the gathering, led by YS Jagan, has endorsed the farming power money move plot. 

Talking on this event, the main clergyman said that the legislature would regularize all rural power associations in the state. Giving the subtleties of the plan, he stated: "The money proportionate to the power bill will be straightforwardly moved into the financial balance of a rancher who has a horticultural influence association. A similar cash, the ranchers will be paying to the discoms. There won't be any weight, not so much as a solitary penny, on the rancher because of this," he said. 

Preparing his firearms on Chandrababu Naidu, he stated: "Chandrababu had in the past said that free power isn't achievable. He criticized the very idea, saying that electric wires may be helpful for evaporating garments, if free force is given. Exactly the same Chandrababu has the questionable qualification of requesting police terminating in Basheerbagh on ranchers who challenged steep force tax climbs. They (Chandrababu Naidu's system) abandoned near Rs 8,000 crores of forthcoming duty that should have been paid towards free power. After YSR Congress Party came into power, we have cleared each one of those duty. We have overhauled power feeders at an expense of Rs 1,700 crores. 

"We have been giving quality power. The day-time nine-hour flexibly of power is now being executed in 89 percent of feeders. This will be in 100% execution from the coming Rabi season. We will strengthen this plan further with an extra 10,000 megawatts of sun oriented force. We have been concocting plans to guarantee that there are no hindrances for the execution of free force gracefully. Just YSR has the patent on free power gracefully to the cultivating network. Thus, his name for the plan," was the way YS Jagan talked about the plan. 

Boss Minister's Principal Advisor Ajay Kallam has just declared that the state government is constrained to present the money move conspire for horticulture power just because of the changes being gotten by the Central government.