Coronavirus infection: PM Modi says don’t panic,

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PTI | Updated :March 03, 2020,17:35 IST

Amid the uptick in coronavirus cases in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday assured citizens there was “no need to panic” and that ministries were working together to contain the infection. While Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, referring to PM Modi’s plan to give up his social media accounts, asked him to “quit wasting India’s time playing the clown.”

The statements from the two leaders came a day after two new cases of coronavirus were detected in New Delhi and Telangana, taking the number of patients who have tested positive for the infection to five.
Both patients, who are undergoing treatment and are “stable”, recently travelled to countries affected by COVID-19. In a third suspected case, officials in Rajasthan said an Italian tourist has tested positive for the virus. However, they said, the patient’s blood samples are being sent to the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune since the positive test came after a preliminary test that was negative.


Source: New Indianexpress