Defeat Congress daridrulu to remove poverty: KCR

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PTI | Updated :December 05, 2018,04:26 IST


Hyderabad: Seeking to highlight what he perceives is the predicament of people in Palamur, TRS president K Chandrashekar Rao on Tuesday said they had to fight ‘outsider’ Chandrababu Naidu and simultaneously deal with ‘insiders’ comprising Congress leaders, whom he lumped as daridrulu (paupers). “If this ‘daridram’ (poverty) has to go, then these ‘daridrulu’ should get defeated,” KCR observed. The TRS president was addressing people during Praja Ashirwada Sabha at Kodangal on Tuesday. Without taking the name of Revanth Reddy, Chandrashekar Rao lashed out at the Congress leader. Rao said, “Outside 

we have to fight with Chandrababu Naidu and here we have to fight with these ‘daridrulu’ also.”  The Congress leaders are saying that they would merge Telangana with AP and if Chandrababu wins, he will stop the projects including Mission Bhagiratha aimed at providing drinking water, KCR alleged. While the government was taking up projects, both ‘outsiders’ and ‘insiders’ were obstructing them. “Who is stopping the projects?” he asked rhetorically and then remarked: “It is Chandrababu Naidu... he wrote 36 letters against the projects. Nagam Janardhan Reddy and two other leaders filed cases against Palamur Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Project. The Court has slapped them.”  

Chandrashekar Rao said that, as per a survey report, the TRS would win not only Kodangal but all the 14 seats in Mahabubnagar district and the people would get to know on December 11.  He called upon the people to think before voting. People should win elections and not parties. “Go to your village and take up discussions. Ponder whether whatever I am saying is true or not,” said Rao. He said that there were only two sides: Congress-TDP alliance candidate on one side and the candidate of the TRS, which had fought for 15 years to achieve TS, on the other side. “See the power situation, pensions and others then and now and decide on voting”, he appealed.
Rao said that the power situation did not improve just like that; there was conscious effort on the part of the TRS government. “I know 24-hour power is coming to you...crop is also good. Power will not come simply, we would have to strive.  

Even today I review the power situation through mobile app ‘Vidyut Pravah’,” said Rao.  The Chief Minister said that if they bless and ensure victory of TRS, the pension amount would be increased to Rs 2,000, handicapped pension to Rs 3,016 and unemployed allowance of Rs 3,016 would be given. Rao said that upon completion of the PRL project, water would come to Kodangal, irrigating about 20 lakh acres in Kodangal and Makthal. He offered to come to Kodangal and discuss with the people and solve their problems.

Speaking at Alampur, the TRS president assured that the government would provide water to 1.20 lakh acres through RDS (Rajolibandha Diversion Scheme). As per the CWC figures, 87,500 acres got water; it would be his responsibility to get water for another 50,000 acres through RDS. Telangana would take water as per the allocations and not more than what is allocated, he added. Rao predicted that the TRS candidate was going to win in Gadwal constituency. He promised to provide water to 38,000 acres through Gattu lift irrigation project as soon as possible. 

Source: The Hans India