Why Does KCR Want Polls In November?

PTI | Updated :September 23, 2018,07:12 IST

There seems to be more to Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s decision to dissolve the state assembly than what meets the eye.

Soon after the dissolution of the assembly, KCR told a press conference that the early elections to the state assembly would be held in November, so that the new assembly could be formed by first week of December.

“In all probability, the election schedule would be announced in the first week of October and the process would begin by the last week.

The elections would be held in November. I personally spoke to the Election Commission authorities in Delhi in this regard.

Our officials also had a talk with EC authorities who assured that the elections could be held in November,” he said.

So, it is evident that KCR has dissolved the assembly with a calculation that the early polls would be held in November. The question is why KCR wanted polls to be held in November?

According to analysts, the answer is simple: KCR wants to implement the second instalment of distribution of cheques of Rs 4,000 per acre to each of 58 lakh farmers in November on the onset of Rabi season.

He has already announced the required budget of Rs 5,000 crore is being readied for distribution.

Since it is an ongoing scheme, there will be no objection for the implementation of the scheme. But since it is distribution of money to 58 lakh farmers directly just before a couple of weeks before the polling, it would fetch tremendous mileage to the TRS in the elections.

In a way, the TRS doesn’t have to distribute money separately on each voter during the polling, as he is openly giving Rs 4,000 per acre to each farmer.

If the elections are held as per the schedule in April, it will be the end of Kharif season and the immediate benefit of Rythu Bandhu scheme is not felt by the people.

Moreover, being the summer season, there would be other adverse factors for the TRS. So, that is the reason!

source: Greatandhra.com