Petrol reaches all time steep hike again

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PTI | Updated :September 21, 2018,09:13 IST

Looting the public money, the petrol prices reached all time record on Friday.

The petrol prices stood at Rs 87.06 and diesel at Rs 79.52 in Andhra Pradesh, effective from 6 am on September 21. 

Despite of continuous protests by public and political parties agitations both central and state governments measurably failed in controlling the fuel prices.

Majority of rural people, particularly the farmers and marginal sections became vulnerable with this day to day fuel hike policy. 

The fuel supplying companies have been increasing at least Rs. 0.10 praise everyday. This is not visible hike per day, but the constant increase of the prices is nothing but failure of give governments, observed R. Nageswara Rao, a consumer at a petrol bunk in Guntur on Friday. 

Source : thehansindia