Mahesh will surpass Chiranjeevi in fund-raising: Rivals

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PTI | Updated :September 06, 2018,06:15 IST

According to the rivals in Movie Artistes Association (MAA), the upcoming event with superstar Mahesh Babu will fetch double the amount mobilised by Chiranjeevi in the United States of America very soon. “Mahesh Babu has been the undisputed Telugu star who has an immense fan following across the world, particularly in the US. If professionally planned, his fund-raising event should fetch Rs 3 to 4 crore, ahead of Chiranjeevi's Rs 2 crore which was marred by protests by Telugus in US over the issue of Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh. 

Mahesh Babu has been the overseas Badshah in collections because his charisma and popularity have expanded over the years. In fact, the Telugus, residing in the US will cough up thousands of dollars per ticket to attend his event and pay even more to have lunch or dinner with Mahesh and they would also be happy to meet him in person at the event,” says a seasoned actor, who demands open bidding for the US event of the ‘Srimanthudu’ star to garner more funds for the Telugu Actors Guild. “Instead of giving it to friends of existing office-bearers, MAA should conduct open bidding and invite organisers based in the United States to offer their bidding amount and the Actors Guild can choose the best offer, which will be almost double that of Chiru’s event, which was given away for peanuts to some close friends of the existing office-bearer,” he adds.

More than misappropriation of funds, rivals are charging the existing body for promoting the interests of their friends and allowing them to enjoy the travel and stay, than involving members of the MAA. “Instead of the members of the Actors Union, friends of office-bearers are travelling by business class and enjoying luxurious stay in US, which is unfortunate and the present body should discontinue this practice,” says another actor and adds “How can a journalist, who runs a Telugu film weekly be an executive member in MAA, when he never appeared onscreen, that is raising doubts about the working norms of present dispensation.”

No doubt, the next elections will decide the fate of existing body since the 800-odd members are keenly watching the public spat between actors over the last few days. “Next time, members should elect a top star for the president’s post, since Vishal has brought respect and stature to the post in the Tamil Actors Guild. Rather than character and small-time artistes, MAA can command more respect if new generation stars step in and take up the responsibility and restore the pride of the Actors Union, as few tainted and small time actresses have dented the image of the Telugu film industry (the recent sex scandal in US) recently,” concludes the ex-secretary of MAA. 

Source: The Hans India